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We encourage you to contact us, your local Concord dentists, Dr. Daniel L. Howlett & Dr. R. Craig Renfer, with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our Concord Family & Cosmetic Dentistry or use the quick contact form below.

Office location:
3435 Chestnut Ave
Concord, CA
Phone: (925)685-8994

Like most individuals in my age group, I had many bad experiences at the dentist's office. Old time equipment and practices made a trip to the dentist's office a dreaded event. When I started seeing Dr. Howlett, 33 years ago, these fears were still with me. I still had anxiety and dread when I was scheduled for a dental appointment. While in the dentist's chair, I gripped the arms with a white knuckled stranglehold. Because of Dr. Howlett's patience, gentleness and competence, I no longer have anxiety about dental appointments. I can honestly say he has never caused me a moments worth of pain.

Dr. Howlett's office is well organized and friendly and he has had the same excellent staff for many years. That tells you something about how he treats people. When I talk to someone who says they haven't been to a dentist in a long time, I tell them I know just the dentist for them. They are always completely satisfied with the treatment they receive from Dr. Howlett.

Dr. Howlett and I started out as youngsters together and now we are growing older together, and my dental health is the better for this relationship.



We at Prosites sincerely appreciate the opportunity to design and host your new website. Your dedication to educating and serving your patients is evident by the excellent information and background your website provides to visitors. We salute your efforts in providing that extra level of communication and service that is so important to patients.
Lance V. McCollough
President & CEO
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I have been seeing Dr. Renfer for the last 10 years. I can not imagine seeing anyone else for my dental health. I always feel confident my referrals to Dr. Renfer will be met with the same professionalism & compassion that I have found with him and the office staff. I have already decided, Dr. Renfer can never retire!